WP1: Project Coordination

PolicyCLOUD_D1.1_Project Management Plan

The main goal of the document is to act as a compilation of all the management procedures in the scope of the PolicyCLOUD project to be provided to all participants. It presents and describes the procedures and guidelines to efficiently and successfully manage the project.


This deliverable is the initial version of the Data Management Plan (DMP) for the PolicyCLOUD project and it provides a first description of the datasets available according to FAIR principles. The overall purpose of this document is to support the data management lifecycle for all data that will be collected, processed or generated by the project in order to maximise its access, according to the H2020 Pilot on Open Research Data(ORDP) in which the project participates.

WP2: Requirements, Architecture & Innovation


This is the first of the series of deliverables that specify the use case scenarios, their involved datasets and their relevant user requirements as well as the system and technical requirements that are being imposed by the platform. The purpose of these series is to track those requirements throughout the project and update them during the progress of the project.

WP7: Communication, Exploitation, Standardisation, Roadmapping & Business Development

D7.1 Initial Publication Package


Policy Cloud delivers a unique integrated environment addressing the full lifecycle of policy management: modelling, monitoring, enforcing, simulation, analysis and compliance. The environment will utilise the capabilities offered by the European Cloud Initiative, with an emphasis on data analysis to facilitate evidence-based policy making.

Dissemination activities are of primary importance for the Policy Cloud Consortium since the impact of the project can only be meaningful if the achieved results are widely communicated to the public.


Governments around the world face policy issues that require strategies and solutions using new technologies, access to data, new analytical tools and techniques and social crowdsourcing analysis for the successful implementation and acceptance of public policies and their later assessment. Data is a fundamental resource for carrying out all government activities and governments everywhere, and at all levels, are looking into the opportunities of data-driven innovation.