The problem of radicalisation is very high on the European agenda as increasing numbers of young European radicals return from Syria and use the internet to disseminate propaganda.  

To enable policy makers to design policies to address radicalisation effectively, Policy Cloud consortium partner Maggioli will collect and analyse data from social media and other sources including:

  • The open-source Global Terrorism Database (GTD) which contains information about  terrorist events occurring between 1970 and 2015. 
  • The Onion City search engine which accesses data over the TOR dark web sites. 
  • Twitter data accessible through Firehose - to be analysed using sentiment analysis and opinion mining software.

The full range of Policy Cloud services will be used to transform the raw data into actionable knowledge which is of practical value to policy creators.

For instance, analytics tools such as sentiment analysis and opinion mining software will be applied to Twitter data to identify radicalisation efforts and link those efforts to particular terrorist groups or attacks. 

Analytics will also be used to segment radicalisation efforts demographically, visualise radicalisation trends, and assign risk profiles to individual suspects.

Analysis activities will respect the privacy requirements established within the Policy Cloud  Ethics Framework.