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Thursday, 31 December, 2020



This deliverable is the second version of the Data Management Plan (DMP) for the project, provided in month 12 of the project. It provides a description of the project’s datasets according to FAIR principles. The overall purpose of this document is to support the data management lifecycle for all data that will be collected, stored, processed or generated by the project in order to maximise its access, according to the H2020 Pilot on Open Research Data (ORDP) in which the project participates. A Data Management strategy is defined to provide the general rules and mechanisms for the access management of project data. Each dataset in the project is identified and described and information is provided on to which extent it is standard compliant, and how the data will be available, accessible interoperable and reusable. A total of 20datasets have been identified in this version of the deliverable, being most of them data that will be collected and processed by the four pilot use cases. Other datasets are mostly stakeholders’ information and public deliverables produced within the project scope. This DMP is a living document and will be updated during the course of the project in new versions at M24 and M36.