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Submission date: 
Wednesday, 19 August, 2020



This is the first of the series of deliverables that specify the use case scenarios, their involved datasets and their relevant user requirements as well as the system and technical requirements being imposed by the platform. The purpose of these series is to track those requirements throughout the project and update them as necessary.

The approach that is followed is twofold: A top-down approach that is followed with respect to the user requirements that were collected by the use case providers themselves, after specifying the business goals and objectives of the use case, along with a concrete definition of the scenario. Moreover, a bottom-up approach is additionally complemented that aims to identify and analyse the technical requirements with respect to the technical work packages that are focusing on the platform technological needs.

The result of this analysis is a list of measurable unambiguous requirements that will drive the design of the overall architecture of the PolicyCLOUD platform, focusing on serving all different needs of the various use cases of the project. As the project will progress, updated versions of this deliverable will help the architecture designers of the platform and its software developers to adjust the overall architecture and its implementation accordingly, with respect to the principles of the agile methodology. Moreover, in order for the platform to keep track with the latest technological advances, a state-of-the-art analysis has been performed regarding the major technologies that are envisioned to be exploited, along with a list of several projects whose technological assets might be candidate to be incorporated in the overall solution.

This deliverable has been released on M06 of the project, and its main aim is to specify the basic scenarios of the use cases, which drove the user requirements based on their perspective, and the initial technical requirements as foreseen by the technical partners that are being involved in the design of the overall architecture of the platform. Updated versions of this document will be released on M12 and M22 respectively.