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Solutions for policy modelling, implementation, simulation, enforcement and adaptation. Learn more.



Social Dynamics Simulation Environment for Policy Design and Analysis

Data marketplace

Policy Modelling Editor

A mechanism that allows policies to be modelled and designed, based on specific structural representations

Policies management framework


Enhanced Data Interoperability

Cloud capabilities

Data Cleaning

Algorithms and techniques for detecting and correcting (or removing) corrupt or inaccurate records

reusable model & analytical tools

Cloud Gateway and API

A complete and “smart” entryway into any platform

Ethics framework

Ethical, Legal, Regulatory, and Societal Guidelines

Documented approach ensuring the provision of privacy and security for sensitive data in cloud-based policy making

Pilot Use Cases

Policy Cloud rans four pilots covering complex themes in very different fields. These pilots served as demonstrators for data-driven policy management and leverage methodologies for user participation from citizens and communities. Set in Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, the pilots showed the applicability and re-usability of the developed models and tools in different countries, contexts and sectors.Learn more.

Scientific Publications

PolicyCLOUD A prototype of a cloud serverless ecosystem for policy analytics
Politika Publication


Policy Cloud has released the White Paper “Cloud for Data Driven Policy Management”, providing recommendations on research and innovation actions towards interoperable data driven policymaking.

The White Paper, developed in collaboration with 2023, addresses the standardisation of data interoperability in data-driven policymaking, with a particular focus on the technological, legal and ethical aspects of handling data.

As data sources become more available and diverse, it is essential to increase the efforts in establishing proper standards that will ensure ethical and legal compliance.


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Policy Briefs

Policy Cloud produced three joint policy briefs as part of the Data Driven Policy Cluster.



Project Reports

The project's progress and results were recorded in a series of project deliverables, 54 of which are Open Access.

Access the project reports and discover the details of the
work performed by Policy Cloud!

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Five H2020 e-governance projects including Policy Cloud joined efforts in the Data Driven Policy Cluster to promote the use of European cloud infrastructures for public administrations and policy making.

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