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Policy makers and public administrations


Maggioli is the main Italian corporate organization with a guiding role for those who operate in Local Public Administrations. It offers a broad range of specific, highly professional solutions in several domains (business divisions): Information Technology, Services & Technologies, Publishing, Training and Education, Document Management, and Museums, Art and Culture. Maggioli is a system integrator and leader in provisioning of complete ICT solutions and services for the Local Public Sector including over 6,000 Municipalities in Italy.

Policy Cloud Role

Maggioli leads use case definition, design, implementation and evaluation, while also providing the PolicyCLOUD use case of Participatory policies against radicalization. It also provides expertise in ICT domain (Big Data Analysis, AI/Machine Learning, IoT, complex system architectures, system integration, document management, etc.) to support activities in cloud provisioning of the PolicyCLOUD infrastructure, as well as the registration of the Cloud-based environment for Data-driven Policy Management in EOSC. Maggioli will also lead cross-sector policy lifecycle management.