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The EGI Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation established under the Dutch law to coordinate the EGI Federation, an international collaboration that federates the digital capabilities, resources and expertise of national and international research communities in Europe and worldwide.

The main goal is to empower researchers from all disciplines to collaborate and to carry out data- and compute-intensive science and innovation. The EGI Foundation coordinates areas such as overseeing infrastructure operations, user community support, contact with technology providers, strategy and policy development, flagship events and dissemination of news and achievements. Through its services for High Throughput Computing, Cloud, Federated Operations and Community-driven innovation and support (, EGI actively supports the European Open Science Cloud initiative and leads the EOSC-hub project, which brings together multiple service providers to create the Hub.

Policy Cloud Role

EGI will contribute with cloud provisioning and the operation of the computing capabilities for the Policy Cloud and coordinate the resulted cloud-based environment for data-driven Policy Management in EOSC.