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Cloud Gateway and API

Cloud Gateway and API

Cloud Capabilities & Data Collection


The effort related to Cloud Gateways & APIs component will be focused on providing a complete and “smart” entryway into any platform, allowing multiple APIs or microservices to act cohesively and thus provide a uniform, gratifying experience to each stakeholder. The provided Gateway API will allow building scalable and robust APIs, while simplifying the interaction and data collection from various sources and providers. On top of this, the main goal of this component is to handle a request by invoking multiple microservices and aggregating the results. Hence, it will enhance the design of resources and structure, add dynamic routing parameters, and develop custom authorizations logic. The Cloud Gateway and API component will support scalability, high availability, fault tolerance, and shared state without compromising performance.

Main Features

A set of microservices will be exposed to the end-users via a unified API instead of providing an API for each service that includes. Moreover, the component includes an API documentation page, by using Swagger UI, so that a graphical interface can be provided for interacting with the API.

Benefits to Users

The Gateway & APIs component will be designed and implemented using microservices architecture methodology with the scope to provide a uniform, gratifying experience and solution to each stakeholder.

Free and open-source software license