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Co-Creation and Stakeholder Engagement
Fabio Perossini (DECIDO); Pavel Kogut (DUET); Jerónimo Arenas (IntelComp); Alessandro Amicone (AI4PublicPolicy); Marieke Willems (Policy Cloud).


The convergence of Cloud, Big Data and AI has caused considerable transformations across governments, with citizens demanding quick, seamless and personalised services in the public sector. Decision makers need to embrace new innovative technologies to make more sustainable policies based on real-time information, predicted impact and citizen input. These new technologies and data open up exciting possibilities for collaboration, co-creation and consultation with citizens.

In this direction, the Data Driven Policy Cluster released a Joint Policy Brief regarding “Co-Creation and Stakeholder Engagement for Evidence Based Policymaking”, written by Fabio Perossini (DECIDO), Pavel Kogut (DUET), Jerónimo Arenas (IntelComp), Alessandro Amicone (AI4PublicPolicy) and Marieke Willems (Policy Cloud). The Joint Policy Brief derived from the “Stakeholder Engagement Track” of the Evidence Based Policymaking in Europe Summit 2021, which explored how new technologies and tools can be used for engagement and innovative collaboration between policy makers and citizens.

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