The agri-food industry in Spain’s Aragon region has annual sales exceeding €2.5 billion, representing 8.8% of production and 11.86% of industrial sector employment in the region. 

As globalisation and increasing market complexity threaten traditional industries, public company Sarga will leverage Policy Cloud big data analytics technologies to drive policy creation and implementation around the establishment of a Denomination of Origin strategy in the food processing industries of Aragon. 

Sarga has been recognised as an Innovative Business Association (AEI) by the Spanish Ministry of Industry. Its goal is to facilitate innovation through branding and cooperation across the whole food value chain, supporting the visibility and growth of the companies and knowledge institutions making up the Aragon Food Cluster. 

Sarga will use the Policy Cloud real-time big data platform to assemble constantly updated data about the agro-food industry and also to perform analytical queries to evaluate and compare the impact of the policies being applied in different areas.

The raw data to be consolidated includes all available information originating from the Aragon government related to agricultural and livestock production, active cooperatives and so on, as well as externally sourced weather and industry information, worldwide Denomination of Origin statistics and social media data - both quantitative and qualitative  - from portals such as Open Data Aragón, Centros Rurales Agrupados (CRA), and Open Social Aragón. 

It is estimated that around 1 Terabyte of structured and unstructured data will be collected and analysed in order to identify high potential markets and develop appropriate Denomination of Origin policy.

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