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Tech & cloud providers


Atos is a global leader in digital transformation. It is European number one in Cloud, Cybersecurity and High-Performance Computing, the Group provides end- to-end Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud and Big Data. Atos Research & Innovation (ARI) is the research, development and innovation hub of ATOS and it is a key reference for the whole Atos group. Thanks to its large expertise in R&D&I ARI not only leverages research on new technologies inside the Atos group, but also brings research outcomes to customers, introducing innovative approaches, methodologies and tools in their business processes. ARI focuses on project accomplishment, combining economic exploitation of research results with the most up-to-date technological developments and high awareness of human factors, such as education sciences, disability-related issues, cultural diversity, and multilingualism.

Policy Cloud Role

ATOS is the Policy Cloud coordinator. ATOS also contributes to the project by performing situational knowledge acquisition and analysis, opinion mining & sentiment analysis, and activities for the enhanced interoperability and data cleaning, and the optimised analytics techniques decoupled from the infrastructure. ATOS also leads the incentives management activity, and provides a policy development toolkit including data visualisation. Finally, ATOS leads activities on market analysis and exploitation, as well as roadmapping and impact on adoption.