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14 December 2020


Policy Cloud has published Cross-Sector Policy Lifecycle Management: Design and Open Specification 1. The report is authored by experts from Policy Cloud partner organisations ATOS, Sarga, LeanXcale, ITAINNOVA, ICCS, Maggioli, Municipality of Sofia, and OKYS and is the first in a series.

This document details the specific tools used to model and design public policies, the design of the Policy Development Toolkit (including the visualisation module), and the mechanisms required to create policy collections in order to perform cross-sector analysis and policy making.

First defining the concept of public policy, the report goes on to propose the approach to public policy modelling and evaluation that will inform the design of the Policy Cloud Policy Development Toolkit. A web application. The Policy Development Toolkit is a decision support system which enables policy makers to create and evaluate policy models. The backend is constituted by a complex flow of stored data models which inform a visualisation layer designed to provide seamless content display and a highly intuitive experience for users. 

Download D5.2 Cross-Sector Policy Lifecycle Management: Design and Open Specification 1