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Pilot Use Case

Policy Cloud for Policies Against Radicalisation

Interview with Armend Duzha, project manager at the Maggioli Research and Innovation Lab, leading the PolicyCloud pilot project on "Policies against radicalisation". The Pilot project will implement the project cloud environment for data driven policy making. Duzha tells us how PolicyCloud adds value to local and European policy making on policies against radicalisation.


Policy Cloud Pilots: Fighting Radicalisation With Data

In the first episode of the Policy Cloud podcast series, the pilot use case "Polices against radicalisation" comes under the spotlight. The topic for discussion: Data collection and transparency - political and ethical challenges. 


Policy Cloud Pilot for Policies Against Radicalisation Webinar

Webinar in the Big Data Pilot Demo Days joint series with BigDataStack, I-BiDaaS and Track & Know during the virtual BDV PPP summit 2020.

Pilot Use Case

Policy Cloud for Intelligent policies for the food value chain

Implementing environmental policies to boost the growth and development of the agri-food industry. Interview with Javier Sancho (SARGA) and Mª de la Vega Rodrigálvarez (ITA Innova).

Pilot Use Case

Policy Cloud pilot on urban policy making through analysis of crowdsourced data

Through its involvement in Policy Cloud, the Sofia Municipality will address urban policy as a critical success factor in improving the overall urban environment of the city. Interview with Nadia Soultanova (Sofia Municipality) and Petya Nikolova (OKYS).


Policy Cloud Pilots: Solving Urban Policymaking With Data

The pilot use case "Urban policy making through analysis of crowdsourced data" builds upon the European data strategy by using big data and analytical tools to improve the quality of planning decisions around urban transport, waste collection and green systems.

This podcast features an interview with representatives from project partners Sofia municipality and  tech SME OKYS.


Policy Cloud Policy Development Toolkit

An interview with Ilias Magliogiannis (UPRC) on the Policy Development Toolkit.  Automated tools enabling non-experts to manipulate, model, and visualise both data inputs and the outputs from analytics processes. Visualizations will be incremental and cover a wide range of aspects from data analytics and data source information to policy evaluation outcomes.


Policy Cloud Ethical and Legal challenges

An interview with Klaus Brischer (DWF) on the  Ethical and Legal challenges the Policy Cloud project addesses.