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Submission date: 
Monday, 3 January, 2022


This deliverable has been released in December 2021, at M24 of the project, and its main objective is to specify the updated integration results between the Policy Cloud components. So, this document is an updated version of the previous deliverable (D6.2 Integration of Results: Policy Cloud Complete Environment).

This deliverable will follow the methodology of D6.2 that was submitted in M12 (December 2020) which has two main pillars:

  1. Define common practices for integration and validation of the outcomes of the project
  2. Detail the cloud environment the project will make use of to demonstrate the results

Regarding the former, GitLab will be the base code repository for the project, where the project already owns an organizational account. Over GitLab, the trunk-based development branching policy has been applied, as we considered it the most suitable policy given the project characteristics. Also, GitLab’s issue reporting tool has been adopted, as it is fully integrated with GitLab’s features. The test bed to support the demonstrators has been deployed over EGI’s (EGI) infrastructure where flexibility is one of the critical features.

This deliverable abstractly incorporates all the changes and implementations that WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5 had made during the second year of the project. More details about the components and the actual implementation can be found to the relative WP deliverables.