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Submission date: 
Tuesday, 23 March, 2021


The purpose of this deliverable is to describe the end to end (E2E) scenarios that will explore how users will effectively use the Policy Cloud platform. The given scenarios will describe the different steps required in order to perform the modelling of the policy. The scenarios will also include details of the necessary configurations and settings needed to determine the output of the visualization module.

This document is the first of a series of deliverables that will detail the implementation and experimentation process. The E2E scenarios will be used to experiment the adaptability of the Policy Development Toolkit (PDT)in conjunction with several use case-based scenarios. This document will include a single scenario from each respective pilot and further details on alternative scenarios will be included in the upcoming D6.10 Use Case Scenarios Definition & Design M16in deliverable in April 2021.

The experimentation process for software usually consists of four phases: definition, planning, operation and interpretation. This approach was adopted for the design of the E2E scenarios. Taking the four phases into consideration the E2E scenarios descriptions can be used to achieve the definition and planning stages. The E2E helps explore how well the PDT can be adapted for various situations.

At the current stage of the project there needs to be a clear definition of the end users experience and expected results. In order to achieve this, the visualizations and analytical tools will help create the full E2E scenario. The contents within deliverable D2.2 Conceptual Model & Reference Architecture and D2.4 State of the Art & Requirements Analysis was used to specify the available analytical tools that were available for the user stories. This approach was necessary to avoid the E2E scenarios becoming unattainable in terms of implementation to the PDT. There was also input provided from D6.3 Use Case Scenarios Definition & Design as well in relation to the use case scenarios.

The final result of these series of deliverables will be the implementation and experimentation of the use cases based on the E2Escenarios detailed within this report.