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Submission date: 
Wednesday, 5 May, 2021


This document is the second version of D6.3 Use Case Scenarios Definition & Design, submitted in September 2020. It provides an updated version of the use case scenarios description, and completes the information presented there. In addition, this deliverable collects the refined versions of the visualization requirements and KPIs per use case. KPIs are classified in three categories: political, technical and business. The modelled policies will be realized / implemented and monitored through the Policy Development Toolkit against these KPIs.

The use cases have been defined taking into account the information collected from the different stakeholders participating in the pilots, as well as from the previous experience and know-how of the project partners. Several workshops have been organized by the project to gather feedback and requirements from relevant stakeholders. This document is the basis for the definition of the main features to be provided by Policy Cloud tools and models in the different pilots’ implementation.