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Submission date: 
Tuesday, 2 August, 2022


This document is an incremental update of deliverables “D5.2 Cross-sector Policy Lifecycle Management: Design and
Open Specification 1”, September 2020, and “D5.4 Cross-sector Policy Lifecycle Management: Design and Open
Specification 2”, August 2021. It details the specification of the tools and technologies used to model Public Policies
(PPs) as well as the design of the policy development toolkit (including the visualization framework), and the
mechanisms required for compilation of policy collections to perform cross-sector analysis. The purpose of this series
of deliverables is to keep track of the specifications throughout the project and update them as the project progresses.

This deliverable is the last of the series, has been released in M32 (August 2022) of the project, and its main objective
is to describe the approach to the policy modelling and validation that will support policy makers in the design,
evaluation, optimization and adaptation of policies. The Policy Development Toolkit (PDT), along with the Policy Model
Editor (PME), constitute the front-end of the PolicyCLOUD platform, which allows policy makers to create, update and
validate policies. The PDT backend, which hides the complexity of storing the data models into persistent storage,
implements the services that the front-end uses to display the content to the user and provide the necessary user