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Wednesday, 2 December, 2020


This document is provided in the context of the first software demonstrator deliverable of Policy Cloud, at M11 of the project, and is intended for the reviewers of the software deliverables. It provides a description of the software demonstration for the components of the Integrated Data Acquisition and Analytics (DAA) Layer, which provides the analytical capabilities of the Policy Cloud platform. The components include the DAA API Gateway (responsible for the overall orchestration and the layer API), the built-in analytical tools for Data cleaning and interoperability, Situational Knowledge, Opinion Mining & Sentiment Analysis and Social Dynamics & Behavioural Data analysis, and the Operational Data Repository. At this phase of the project the demonstrators are at component level and not integrated in end-to-end scenarios, so each component provides a description of its API, specification of functionality, and description of the code and how to test the demonstration.