Policy Cloud Newsletter N°1: Welcome! - 28.12.2020

  • A speedy introduction to the Policy Cloud website and the information resources available to users after the first year of activity.

Policy Cloud Newsletter N°2: Policy Cloud Webinar: Data Governance Act - 4.02.2021

  • Information about the Data Governance Act webinar organised by Policy Cloud together with DUET, URBANITE and cyberwatching.eu.

Policy Cloud Newsletter N°3: Data Driven Policymaking Week - 14.04.2021

  • Information about the Data Driven Policymaking Week organised by Policy Cloud.

Policy Cloud Newsletter N°4: Autumn Newsletter - 21.09.2021

  • An update on Policy Cloud's upcoming events as well as published academic papers.

Policy Cloud Newsletter N°5: Major Cities of Europe & EGI 2021 - 12.10.2021

  • An update on Policy Cloud's upcoming events.

Policy Cloud Newsletter N°6: Evidence Based Policymaking in Europe 2021 - 2.12.2021

  • Information about the joint event organised by the Data Driven Policy Cluster (Policy Cloud is a member)