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02 October 2020


Policy Cloud has published a preliminary version of the Data Management Plan (DMP) which defines the general rules and mechanisms for the management of data to be collected, generated and processed during the project.

Key Principles

Prepared by Policy Cloud coordinating partner ATOS, the DMP reflects a strategy in adherence with European Commission (2016) Guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020, and which articulates around the following principles:

  • Identification of datasets collected or generated by the project.
  • Definition of the principles for exploitation, availability, access rights and re-use of data managed by the project.
  • Definition of the principles for data archiving and preservation.
  • Definition of the principles for ethical and legal compliance.

Key Topics

In line with the purpose of the DMP, which is to support the data management lifecycle so as to maximise data access, the document lays out guidelines in these areas:

  • Types of data to be collected
  • Data sources and acquisition
  • Standards and metadata to be used
  • Data sharing and reuse
  • Archiving and preservation
  • Ethics and legal compliance


Currently the document identifies 17 datasets. Given that the purpose of the Policy Cloud project is to harness the potential of digitisation, big data and cloud technologies to improve the modelling, creation and implementation of policy, most of these datasets are pertinent to the four pilot use cases at the core of the project. Other datasets include stakeholder information and public deliverables within the project scope.

Pilot Use Cases

The outputs from Policy Cloud will be applied to the full lifecycle of policy management in four thematically distinct pilot use cases which will demonstrate the use of data in formulating policy around political political radicalisation, the food value chain, urban environmental planning, and social services planning.

The DMP is a living document and will be periodically updated during the course of the project.


Download D1.2 Data Management Plan