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18 May 2020

The EOSC-hub Week will take place (virtually) from 18 - 20 May and will bring together key players in the development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Policy Cloud, after its launch in January this year will be among the projects engaging with the EOSC community.


Big Data Distilling Services through EOSC

Policy Cloud services will be delivered by the EGI federated cloud through EOSC and will create a major change in how we use data. Public participation through crowdsourcing of data will become far more streamlined, easy and ethically positive. It will enlarge the evidence base for effective policy, making it more predictable. As well as facilitating interoperability through reusable tools.

These services which will be made available through the EGI federated cloud and will turn illegible data into a readable format through innovative analytical tools. Using the then readable data, our policy orientated modelling tools will inform policy in the way public administration or business needs require. Our tools come with built-in privacy and security for sensitive data. This is part of six main services that have been designed to take vast amounts of raw data, clean it, sort it, and adapt it to a policy-making scenario.

Policy Cloud has four pilot cases, the open data, crowdsourcing data, IoT data used in the pilot studies will be stored and anaylised in the Policy Cloud environment, utilizing EUDAT. The pilots are based in Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and UK, they range from fighting radicalisation online to creating a more sustainable agriculture environment.  The list of interesting uses goes on and you can find out more information, including interviews, articles and graphics on our newly revamped website. So, join our community, the exciting journey has only just begun.

You can see and download our poster from ZENODO: