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28 April 2021

A joint report entitled “The Data Governance Act and Data-Driven Policy Making: Impact and Practical Implementations” has just been published by Policy Cloud,, URBANITE, and DUET giving seven recommendations as regards the Data Governance Act for SMEs, policymakers, and public administrators working on data-driven policymaking

The report comes as an output of the joint webinar of 16 February 2021 “The Data Governance Act and Data-Driven Policymaking: Impact and Practical Implementations” by the same four European H2020 projects. The webinar was well attended with 202 registrants and 121 attendees, and featured a lively Q&A session.

Included in the report is an overview of the webinar, as well as relevant links to the recording and slides. It also includes a comprehensive summary of the audience questions and panelist responses from the Q&A session, as well as some important statistics about the audience demographics for the webinar.

The recommendations proposed cover internal policy, cybersecurity, the data ecosystem, user-centric approach, data governance tools, technology, and digital twins.

Read the report here or you can find the recording and presentations here.