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17 May 2021

A report on the Data Driven Policymaking Week has just been published by Policy Cloud covering the salient points of the week of events. The report also includes recommendations for policymakers facing challenges using data-driven policymaking practices, given by the experts who spoke at the webinars, including members of the Policy Cloud Impact Creation Board

The report comes as an output of a series of four daily webinars which took place 26-29 April 2021 as the “Data-Driven Policymaking Week.” Each webinar focused on one of Policy Cloud’s Pilots and their use case scenarios. The week had around 200 registrants and 100 attendees.

Included in the report is an overview of each webinar, as well as relevant links to the recordings and slides, each section includes the actionable recommendations given by the webinar speakers for policymakers who are dealing with similar data-driven policymaking challenges. It also includes some important statistics about the webinar’s attendance and social media impact.

Read or download the report here