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07 July 2020

The EU Horizon 2020 project aims to use big data to increase the effectiveness of policymaking through the use of innovative analytical tools. The podcast series known as ‘The PolicyCloud Podcast’ will focus on the PolicyCloud pilot cases, taking you through the projects leading the way in data innovation in a series of accessible, casual conversations.


PolicyCloud has four pilot cases in four different EU countries: Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. The pilots cover complex themes in very different fields and will serve as demonstrators for data-driven policy management. The podcast series aims to go into detail on each of these interesting pilot cases through a number of in-depth conversations with guests who are working at the forefront of digital and data innovation.


Conversations run from topics such as ‘fighting radicalisation with data’ to ‘improving the effectiveness of sustainable agriculture policy’ and discuss the challenges and goals for each of the pilots. Episode one: Fighting radicalisation with data was recently published and featured a strong discussion on the political and ethical challenge of collecting data to combat radicalisation, with transparency being the key. The second episode of the series on ‘the use of data and analytics to empower citizens’ is due to be released soon. 


This podcast series comes under the context of the overall aims of the PolicyCloud project which are to deliver a unique integrated environment addressing the full lifecycle of policy management: modelling, monitoring, enforcing, simulation, analysis and compliance. This environment will integrate a set of reusable models and tools, ranging from social dynamics and behaviour analysis to situational knowledge acquisition, opinion mining and sentiment analysis, complemented with tools for data aggregation, linking and cleaning. With this PolicyCloud aims to create an ecosystem of stakeholders contributing, producing, processing and using policy-related data assets.


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