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23 May 2022

Policy Cloud has updated the services section on the website to show the various services and components developed by the project. This section will continue to be updated as the project completes its final 7 months, showcasing the concrete developments and innovations of the Policy Cloud project. Each entry in the catalogue includes contact information for those wishing to adopt the Policy Cloud solutions.

The catalogue has a simple and intuitive design, displaying each of the components along with a brief description and the branding of that component. Components can be filtered according to macro categories.

Clicking on a component takes you to an information page, giving a detailed description of the component as well as outlining its benefits to users. On top of this, specific information such as Technology Readiness Level (TRL), the owner of the component, its licence, and a link to the code if a software component is open source. The page also allows you to contact Policy Cloud if you are interested in adopting the solution.

Explore the Policy Cloud Service Catalogue now and contact us for service adoption!