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28 October 2022

Policy Cloud has launched a new service called the Policy Cloud Data Marketplace, offering a web-based environment to support the search, retrieval and ingestion of diverse assets (e.g. datasets, policies, analytical tools, etc.).

What are the Features?

The Marketplace hosts an offering of ready-to-use assets and is a multi-sided environment offering functionalities both for assets’ providers (e.g. owners of specific assets such as data owners that have made a specific dataset available) and for assets’ consumers (e.g. data scientists that would like to obtain an offered dataset).

Principle of persistent storage

The Data Marketplace is aligned with the principle of persistent storage by extending the metadata and semantics that are being attached to the datasets and policies with valuable fields for successful data integration and accuracy in the format of the document. This enables the development of enhanced operations for Creating, Retrieving, Updating and Deleting (CRUD) metadata inside of it, while reassuring the correct data format of the stored data.

Full-text search capabilities

Since the types of data vary, the Data Marketplace has full-text search capabilities in structure-agnostic assets. The latter is accomplished by providing seamless retrieval abilities in deep-hierarchical machine- readable document structures and thus interoperability of datasets and data are being enhanced.

Data publicly available and revenue

It also allows stakeholders to make their own data publicly available and receive revenue from it, and for businesses and citizens to search and extract the information they need.

Visit and Sign up to the Data Marketplace now!