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16 March 2021

The third installment of Policy Cloud’s podcast series is out now, and can be listened to on all your favourite platforms. 

The podcast series digs deeper into the four pilot use cases at the heart of the project and examines the practical impact of data-based policy making in the real world. 

Pilot Use Cases as Demonstrators

Spread across Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, the pilot use cases embrace complex themes in very different fields. Their purpose within the project is to serve as demonstrators for data-driven policy management. They will also showcase and model methodologies for encouraging user participation from citizens and communities. 

The new installment hones in on the pilot use case Open Data Policies for Citizens which is being run in Camden, one of the twelve boroughs of inner London. The pilot addresses social services policy planning in the area. Specifically, the work articulates around predicting risk factors across four distinct domains:

  • Housing and adult social care 
  • Children, schools and families
  • Culture and environment planning 
  • Building and parking services 

Our studio guest is Ben Williams, Senior Data Engineer at London Camden. Ben walks us through the design of the Camden pilot use case and describes unemployment as the key issue facing the community. He also descibes the Policy Development Toolkit, one of six services being developed within the Policy Cloud project for use by policymakers. He also discusses some of the potential applications of the Toolkit beyond the public sphere.

Listen in here!

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