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21 June 2021

The fourth installment of Policy Cloud’s podcast series is out now, and can be listened to on all your favourite platforms. 

The podcast series digs deeper into the four pilot use cases at the heart of the project and examines the practical impact of data-based policy making in the real world. 

Pilot Use Cases as Demonstrators

This Food Value Chain sector is significant for Aragon, a region in Spain. It creates large annual revenues for the area and provides almost 12% of the regions employment. 

As globalisation and increasing market complexity threaten traditional industries, public company Sarga will leverage Policy Cloud big data analytics technologies to drive policy creation and implementation around the establishment of a Denomination of Origin strategy in Aragon's food processing industries. 

Sarga will use the Policy Cloud real-time big data platform to assemble constantly updated data about the agro-food industry and perform analytical queries to evaluate and compare the impact of the policies being applied in different areas.

Our studio guests are Miguel Angel Gracia, ITAINNOVA and Javier Sancho Royo, Sarga. Miguel and Javier speak about the importance of the wine industry for Aragon, Spain, and how data can improve outcomes for the whole region.

Listen in here!

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