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30 November 2020

By Armend Duzha (Gruppo Maggioli)

On Friday, 20 November the Policy Cloud consortium partner Gruppo Maggioli, in collaboration with the Lombardy Region, organised the first workshop on the participatory policies against radicalization pilot. The main objective was to present to policy makers operating in the security domain how the Policy Cloud project can support them in the identification, monitoring, analysis and prevention of domestic radicalization, while at the same time allowing them to interact with other stakeholders (e.g. data scientists, sociologist, legal experts) in the design, modelling, and validation of policies to counter violent radicalization.

Maggioli is developing a collaborative data-driven tool for the evaluation of policies based on a participatory review of data in social media (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit) and open datasets (Global Terrorism Database). In particular, the pilot will use Policy Cloud’s big data analytics, opinion mining, and sentiment analysis to identify the origins of radicalisation efforts (locations, organised groups etc.), to assign risk probabilities to potential threats, and to group radicalisation efforts and subjects based on defined parameters.

Overall, the feedback and comments received from local police officers and officials was very positive and many of the participants were eager to receive access to the Policy Cloud platform in order to start exploring its capabilities. It was also emphasised that the platform could be easily integrated with existing systems and solutions, and could assist them during the process of creating and/or revising existing policies against radicalisation.

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