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19 April 2022

The Data Driven Policy Cluster is pleased to announce the first of three joint policy briefs, Governance Ethics for Evidence Based Policymaking, an output from the inaugural event organised by the cluster in December 2021, the Evidence Based Policymaking in Europe Summit 2021.

The policy brief is a result of the Governance Ethics Track of the Evidence Based Policymaking in Europe Summit 2021, where core ethical issues were identified and discussed in the context of European research projects aiming to develop policymakers’ ability to make key policy decisions, based on objective criteria, derived from real-world data. These issues included: ensuring the relevance of collected and processed data, the management of potential biases within datasets or processing algorithms, and the transparency, explainability and security of the data analysis and visualisation process. The session also included the presentation of strategies implemented in each of the relevant projects to ensure these (and other) issues are efficiently addressed, so as to simultaneously protect the trustworthiness and effectiveness of the solutions pursued by each project.

In this resulting policy brief, the most significant ideas and conclusions reached during the Track are presented clearly and a number of policy recommendations based on the experience gathered within the different projects are presented.

Two other joint policy briefs will be published based on the other tracks covering Policy Prediction, and Co-Creation and Stakeholder Engagement.

The policy brief has been published openly on Zenodo here 

About the Data Driven Policy Cluster

Five H2020 e-governance projects have joined efforts in the Data Driven Policy Cluster to promote the use of European cloud infrastructures for public administrations and policy making. The Cluster is made up of AI4PublicPolicy, Decido, DUET, IntelComp and Policy Cloud.