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20 March 2020

The issue of radicalisation is high on the European agenda. Radical groups have been proven very effective in using the Internet as a propaganda medium for supporting radicalization, including the influence and recruitment of younger individuals which tend to be less resistant to propaganda. The pilot project “Policies against radicalisation”, led by Maggioli will focus on collecting and analysing data from social media and message boards, in order to provide policy makers with effective data-driven tools for addressing the issue of radicalisation.

Policy Cloud innovative technologies for policies against radicalisation

  1. Policy development toolkit for a collaborative approach. 
  2. Opinion-mining and sentiment analysis tools for social media analysis to  identify radicalization efforts, linking to data on terrorist groups and attacks.
  3. Big data analytics to identify origins of radicalization efforts, risk assignment probabilities to suspects of radicalization efforts and segmentation of radicalization efforts on the basis of demographics and risks. 
  4. Visualization technologies to depict the radicalisation trends and poles, making policies against radicalization and violent extremism more transparent.
  5. Ethical framework service to reduce online surveillance efforts that may invade privacy in the name of counter-radicalisation.


Radicalisation Data for the Policy Cloud Data Marketplace

  • The raw data includes the Global Terrorism Database (GTD) which is an open-source database including information on terrorist events around the world from 1970 to 2015. 
  • The data from the Onion City search engine, which accesses data over the TOR dark web sites. 
  • Twitter data accessible through Firehose will be processed on the basis of sentiment analysis and opinion mining components developed by Policy Cloud.


"We are extracting data from trusted and untrusted sources, data coming from social media channels as well as European and International databases providing data and information sources in this domain. We aim to increase the level of trust for these data, to provide the policy makers on local and central level useful insights to cope with radicalisation in their community" 

Armend Duzha - Project Manager at the Maggioli Research and Innovation Lab, Lead Policy Cloud Pilot Project "Policies Against Radicalisation"


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