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Monday, 10 October, 2022 - 14:30

PolicyCloud is taking part in the Webinar entitled "Leveraging Open Source technologies for better services in the European software ecosystem" on 10 October 2022 at 14:30 - 16:00 CEST.

Konstatinos Oikonomou, a Full Stack & Research Sofware Engineer at UBITECH and one of the PolicyCloud partner, will be one of the speakers on this webinar who will be demonstrating the innovative solutions developed within the project and join the discussion on the European initiatives concerning policy and standardisation in open source technology during panel sessions.

The contribution of software and the software-based services (SSBS) industry to the EU economy has been increasing in recent years in every dimension (employment, value-added, and productivity).

Leveraging existing technologies and services, the - European forum of the software research community aims to raise awareness and strengthen the competitiveness of the European Software Industry by facilitating a sustainable European forum that encourages both researchers and practitioners, as well as projects in software, digital infrastructure, and cybersecurity to create intersections of expertise and a multidisciplinary approach to research and innovation.

The new open source software (OSS) strategy is a practical instrument for the digital transformation of the Commission. It is also an important enabler for innovation that will equip us with the knowledge to create a better and even more inclusive digital environment within and beyond our organisation. - Mario Campolargo, acting Director-General of DG Informatics.

In this webinar, we are going to explore the overall objectives of the project, together with EU-funded projects showcasing their technical achievements, and host a panel with experts from different areas of the Open Source software and policy landscape, to discuss the potential impact and the key challenges ahead.

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Check out the full programme here.