Thursday, 29 April, 2021 - 14:00 to 15:00

On 29 April 2021, from 14:00 to 15:00 (CEST), Policy Cloud is hosting a webinar on Open Data Policies for Citizens.

The pilot use case Open Data Policies for Citizens is being run in Camden, one of the twelve boroughs of inner London. The pilot addresses social services policy planning in the area. Precisely, the work articulates around predicting risk factors across four distinct domains:

  • Housing and adult social care 
  • Children, schools and families
  • Culture and environment planning 
  • Building and parking services

Using the information harvested from data analytics, the Council will be able to design evidence-based policies and evaluate their economic feasibility, political viability, and legitimacy, thereby improving the quality of the services offered to citizens and achieving efficiency and effectiveness, which are key elements of good governance.

The webinar includes the following topics:

  • Pilots use case 
  • Technology solutions
  • EU policy context 
  • Round Table Discussion

Who should attend 

  • Policymakers
  • Public administrators
  • Decision Makers 
  • Social Science Researchers 






14:00 - 14:05 
  • Intro & Poll

   Marieke Willems

14.05 - 14.15 
  • The policymaking challenge 
  • Data available
  • Co-creation process


14.15 - 14.25
  • The policycloud solution


14.25 - 14.35
  • Linking to EC policymaking & Innovation

   Francesco Mureddu

14.35 - 15.00
  • Round table discussion



    Marieke Willems - Project Manager Trust-IT Services

    Marieke Willems is a Project Manager at Trust-IT Services. With an MBA and an MSc in Communication Science. Marieke is involved in several activities on research projects, involving stakeholders’ engagement, marketing research and communications. She is currently leading the dissemination work in the European Research and Innovation projects Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud (SSHOC) and  Policy Cloud, and is involved in the Horzions Results Booster.


    Francesco Mureddu - Director, Lisbon Council for Economic Competitiveness & Social Renewal & Policy Cloud ICB

    An analyst and strategist in innovation and technology policies. During his career Francesco has supported, and in many cases, driven the design and delivery of consultancy and research projects in a wide variety of topics including the impact of Digital Transformation, Big data and Artificial Intelligence, e-government, Smart cities, ICT-enabled social innovation, future science, Citizen Science, research and innovation policies, and health. Francesco masters a wide array of methodologies including evaluation and impact assessment of policy initiatives and projects, policy development and benchmarking, technology roadmapping and scenario development, economic and econometric modelling, cost/benefit and sensitivity analysis, and stakeholders’ consultation and engagement.