17 September 2020

Policy Cloud has published its first deliverable on business-related activities D7.2: Market Analysis and Business Potentials. Following the proven Atos’ “Innovation Hub Methodology” which divides the project into two different phases, analysis and strategy, the report sets out the market context where the project’s results will be exploited and gives an initial insight into these results.

The goal of the business side of the Policy Cloud project is to ensure that the finished product is usable and that end users are engaged from the initial phases to encourage the ongoing use of the outputs. 

The project consortium has already conducted several business related activities, most notable amongst these being the Value Proposition Canvas Workshop. This was an interactive session held remotely during the First General Assembly on 7 May 2020, focusing on the Policy Cloud core offering and the stakeholders most likely to obtain the greatest value from it. 

The initial versions of deliverables D2.1: State of the art and requirement analysis and D2.2: Conceptual Model and Reference Architecture provided input to this deliverable, especially with regard to the analysis of the technological context and the identification of the project’s outcomes and their main features

The content of this deliverable D7.2 will inform the technical architecture design with the aim of solving real user problems, thus allowing the business and technical aspects of the project to work together for the best possible outcomes.

Download the full report here.